Friday, 1 October 2010

Weekend DIY | Flower Tutorials Roundup!

ok so this weekend I have a lil special for you.. Im helping my lil cuz with her art project this year and shes focussing on flower arranging - so i am going to help her make lots of crafty flowers because she doesn't know where to start. I have packed paper punches, fabric, scissors, glue, beads and paper! Im reaaady!! ive also cut a LOT of circle shapes on my Sizzix to make life a lil easier :)

Click image for Original Source and Instructions!
Today I am going to share my roundup of crafty tutorials I have used in the past and I am thinking about using!! a handy reference for many :)

1. Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper
2. Cut out spiral along the lines you have drawn
3. Begin rolling up the spiral from the outside
4. Keep on rolling until there is no more left to roll
5. You're done.

This felt flower tutorial comes from Handmade in Portland!

These gorgeous Pom Pom Flowers are from Domestifluff.. these would be perfect decoration around the house for autumn too. Love the little vase and the lamp base!

Everyone has seen this tutorial from Oncewed before - i tried to make the garland once and by the time I had cut out the circles I didnt want to look at it anymore!

This little (slightly large) felt Dahlia flower tutorial comes from Megan Reardon at Holidash. It seems like an awful lot of work to cut those petals out!!

As always, Martha stewart comes to our rescue! The link is here but i think from the image you can gather up all of the information you need!

Are yo yos your thing? Heather Bailey has a good photo tutorial here.

Martha Stewart again with her fab little Cupcake Liner tutorial for flowers!

This rosette tutorial is fabulously detailed! Lillyella is fantastic at what she does :) and the colours are perfect for this season.

Pinwheels anyone?! These are so easy to create - I never really knew how easy until I found this tutorial from Sunshine Memories via google images!

These are so cute! Fabric Flower Buttonieres from Oncewed. This one you need some florist wires and tape so be prepared!! - Ebay is a great place to find things like that cheaply if you live somewhere like I do and its a nightmare finding anything locally!

Flipin Martha Stewart again!!this is part of a parasol.. but it is super cute.....


Lollychops is my favourite blog of the moment! And her USTREAM channel.. I love her because her fave colour is Teal ( mine too ) and she has the best sizzix projects ever! Learn how to make these amazing tissue paper flowers.

Learn how to make these gorgeous paper flowers from an Instructables project!

Learn how to make these newspaper flowers from Ruki Duki :)

Learn how to make this Japanese kusudama from the fabulous website Folding Trees.com I love the tutorials from this site :)


I am SO inlove with this colour and the fabric!! I also am dying to make lots of these little lovelies!! This tutorial is from Weddings : Cheap and Chic.

This gorgeous lace flower is from Kio Kreations - their site layout is absolutely awful and its very hard to read the tutorial (for me, bad eyesight!) but the tutorial IS good and very much worth a read!!

Dam i wish i brought my sizzix home with me!! or a circle paper punch!! Damit! Anyway lol.. this is a great tutorial but it uses lots of tissue paper circle shapes!! (I must tell you, even If i draw a circle with a compass or using a plate... me and scissors just dont work and all my circles become ovals.. no matter what i do lol.

Anyway... its a gorgeous tutorial found at FoldingTrees.com. (direct link).

fabulous buttonneires made from tights!! or pantyhose if you are crazy and you speak ameriglish. Found from Craftzine.

Tissue you paper bouquet! What can Martha Stewart not do?! only from Martha Stewart Weddings this time :)

Too much for one post?! I might do another post during the week for this or continue next friday but i have lots of yummy projects for the months of october!!

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