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Inspiration Station | Vintage Suitcases part 2 | Uses and Inspiration

I know how much my lovely readers loved my last vintage suitcase post as it's one of the most popular posts on the blog... Recently I got a vintage cream samsonite suitcase in a medium size which I love but I'm in a pickle... I will use it as a suitcase, once a year but what else could I do with it?

I really like this idea for storing blankets, it is very sweet.. I will not be attaching legs to mine though! I also don't have the space for a piece of furniture like this!

Sarah from A beach cottage uses hers as bedside tables! The blackboard paint is a sweet idea but having an actual decorative framed chalkboard I know it's difficult to update the interesting chalk doodles! Also.. I don't want to be changing the outside of my case. 

I won't be doing this but haha it's awesome! All of the images in this post were literally a google image search for vintage suitcase and I recognised sarahs picture (second image) the link to this bad boy was kaboodle but nothing had showed on the page, I am going to presume it was an etsy creation!

How adorable is this? I was reading this lady's blog the other day and I noticed the suitcase but sadly I did not bookmark and I'm darned if I can remember who it was! If you are this little beauties creator or know who it is please let me know so I can update the link. Google lead me to a tumblr site who had no click through link on the image. It is so insanely cute! If I had a little girl I would consider this ^_^ I would have loved if this lady had have been my mum lol. (sorry mum!)

What the!! A little garden used for a wedding! (click image for source)

Lexi Bridges created this for Crate Paper (click image for link) for their wedding special week using their scrapbook goods. 

Tara Anderson did the same feature for crate paper using her own unique style! I love the use of succulents but I'm getting a little off topic here lol I need to figure out how I can double my suitcase. I do use a vintage suitcase for storing packaging supplies and I'm tempted to swap it over as the suitcase I am using is a little ripped and torn leather and difficult to repair.. And also huge.

This I just might do! My suitcase STINKS! As soon as I got it my house mate and I used the bicarb trick.. Left it for 24 hours... No success still smelt as bad as when I got it... So I put in more bicarb and left it a few days... Opened again and phhheewwwww no change! So I did a little fabric destinking google searching and discovered a trick with vinegar and warm water... Then I thought I would be stuck with vinegar.. So I've decided to reline it. Took out the old lining and everything inside and the actual plastic stinks of vintage... How does that even work? So my housemate is going to help me bleach the inside to get rid of any yukky bacteria and rinse thoroughly and reline! I think it will take a full yard of fabric and some ribbon to do. Maybe more fabric if I'm making special pockets. 

Holy smokes! This is one jam packed giant briefcase thingy. By Amy Powers at inspired co. (click image for link) I like the pots on the cover.. I don't use beads or small things though so it's no use to me but very clever.

(Blog Link)
This is genius! I would love a small suitcase to sort out my sewing notions and tools. Even a briefcase would be a good idea. I think this is my favourite. 

another genius tutorial for craft supplies using a small case. I think I will be swapping my postal supplies over. I will just have to plan my lining with pockets and things in the inside over to hold little things like toiletry bag when I'm using it as a suitcase and then tapes etc when I'm using it the rest of the year. Possibly a space in the cover for a4 size things or tissue packet paper. Hmm some planning is required!

I spotted this a while ago.. I shan't be doing it but it's flippin amazing and well worth a mention! 

Lots of love Claire xo

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