Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bright Coloured Stationery | Rie Elise Larsen

Rie Elise Larsen DK Bright Colourful Lamp Shade and make up pouch Rie Elise Larsen Bright Colored Sewing Supplies and Purple Ribbon

Anyone struggling for inspiration this season? Not really? me neither haha!!! Anyone struggling to find online stores that sell Rie Elise Larsen products?! YES! God i love all of these products and on the website the images are available as high res downloads... so if you wanted to journal about them for personal use I am pretty sure you could fill your boots. 

Retro Pattern Paper from RIe Elise LarsenBright Rolls of Paper and Rie Elise Larsen Lampshade

If I went into a store that had rolls of the paper like that I know for a fact I would spend an absolute fortune, then I would take it home.. put it in my wee wrapping paper bucket and never ever use them lol. Like I have done with so many gift wrapping sheets. They are far too pretty to be used :p I also have a partial roll of cath kidston wall paper left from last years suitcase make over. I dont know what to do with it. Maybe make up gift tags or journalling cards for myself. Would you guys be interested in a5 size sheet of it maybe?
Rie Elise Larsen StationeryRie Elise Larsen DIY Stationery Project

Again I have gone on a complete tangent! Look at all the lovely pretty things to be made with the patterned paper. I do love it so. Especially those little rosettes ^_^ I fell in love with rosettes around christmas time when I was looking at Jenna Templetons blog (my life as a magazine) and she had made some amazing kawaii pop ones with kittys in the centre. So kitsch and so very cool. Goodness I wish they sold paper packs! 

Geometric Bright Shapes Rie Elise Larsen PaperPattern Notebooks from Rie Elise Larsen Stationery

*suppressing a squeel and making a squeak* the garland!! I have paper punches that could totally do that. I am also loving those notebooks. I didnt do enough of a hunt around the website to see if they were for sale or not or if they were made especially but Im sure theyre available... dont quote me on that though! Im really loving geometric shapes at the moment, I think it is stemming from my cack handed stamp carving attempts. lol... Im reverting back to diamonds and triangles while i practice :p 

Lots of love Claire xo 
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